1k Daily Profit Review – Binary Options SCAM!

Welcome To My 1k Daily Profit Review

Have you recently received an email from ‘John Becker' claiming you can make $1,000 daily? I have, and I don't believe it. Read my 1k Daily Profit Review to find out why I think this is just one big scam and not a legit way to make money online.

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1k Daily Profit Review

1k Daily Profit Review

So let's get into it.

1k Daily Profit Review

In the sales video on 1kdailyprofit.me website, a guy who calls himself ‘John Becker' claims that he's created an automated binary options trading system that would allow anyone to make at least $1,000 every day in profits, with no previous knowledge of binary options or any idea of how to trade.

Here we go again guys.. another ‘automated system' that does all the work for you and lets you sit back, relax and watch the magic money flow in.

If you've read any of my other reviews such as my eCom Profit Sniper Review, then you should know by now that I don't trust anyone who has claims like this.

You can't just expect to earn money by doing no work. Especially not beginners.

According to the sales video, 1K Daily Profit software uses a breakthrough algorithm for predicting binary options. John Becker claims that 1K Profit signals have a 99.8% success rate and says that such accuracy is unheard of in the binary options industry!

If you know anything about binary options trading.. 99.8% success rate.. that's unheard of. It's impossible.

Who Is John Becker?

1k Daily Profit Review

John Becker is the ‘Founder' of 1k Daily Profit. He's the genius mastermind behind this groundbreaking software! He's the guy that's personally invited us because he thinks very highly of us!


1k Daily Profit Review

This is the real John Becker.

A shutterstock model.

All they've done on 1k Daily Profit is purchase this image from shutterstock and are using it to lie and say he is the founder.

How can we trust them now? First they have crazy claims of earning $1000+ a day online with no experience needed, and now we find out that John Becker isn't really a real guy.

Things aren't looking good.

The Truth Behind 1k Daily Profit

I've actually seen this many time times before. A website claiming they have an algorithm to basically cheat on trading binary-options and make crazy money online.

The truth is, all they're trying to do is get you to sign up to a trading broker and deposit your money on there, because, once you've done that, they've earned a nice commission from it.

The minimum deposit on the broker is $250.

So if you were to sign up to 1k Daily Profit, that is the minimum you can expect to lose.. $250.

The software that will trade for you? You can forget about that. You'll never see it.

1k Daily Profit Review

This is a screenshot from their actual website. It's a disclaimer that states:

“1kdailyprofit' sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of ‘1kdailyprofit' 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee income or success. All income results shown in the video and anywhere else on this website do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”

So, there we go guys. They even admit it themselves on their own website that this is all for entertainment. Everyone used on the website is an actor and they do not guarantee income. Even though the whole video they were saying it 99.% accurate.

It's all lies!

The Verdict – Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?

100% yes, it's a scam!

I've already given you all the info you need to see that this is a scam.

Stay far away from this one guys. Save your time and your money!

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1k Daily Profit Review


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