30 Day Success Club Review – Scam Busted??

Welcome To My 30 Day Success Club Review

Today I'm going to be taking a look at a new website that I was recently asked about. If you're reading this 30 Day Success Club review then I guess you're wondering, is it a scam? Or is this a legit way to earn an income online? Read on to find out what I think about it.

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30 Day Success Club Review

30 day success club review

I'm glad you've made the smart decision to do some research on this before you've impulsively bought into it.

There are an abundance of scams out there promising that they've got a system for any customer to easily earn money online.

These scams always have the same sort of claims. They've got some magic ‘done for you system' that requires no skills or experience in internet marketing to get started and earn money.

In this review, I'm going to highlight everything that I think is wrong with this system and ultimately, why I don't recommend it.

What Is 30 Day Success Club?

30 day success club review

The method 30 Day Success Club uses is the same as the majority of the scams that I've reviewed in the past. Just like Automated Income Sites.

Their method, put simply, is to use a system that creates automatic websites for you and uploads ClickBank products to them.

These products will use your affiliate links, so any sales that happen through your automatically generated websites will result in you earning a commission.

This is a typical poor quality, internet marketing system made only to trick newbies into thinking it's an easy way to make money online.

That's because it does actually sound like a good idea, right?

It sounds so simple. Everything is done for you and you have to do nothing, except watch the money flow in.

That's how they make it sound anyway.

But It's Not That Easy!

It's really not as easy as they make it sound.


I have a few reasons why I know it's not going to work out. Trust me, I've tried numerous different systems like this when I was just starting out trying to make money online. How many of them have worked? None of them!

Reason 1:

How Is Your Website Going To Get Traffic?

This is the biggest issue why I know it's not going to work.

You have no means of getting any traffic to your website.

Search Engines?

The websites are automatically generated, because of this, all of the content is just duplicate content that they've pulled from the product pages that the website is promoting.

If you know anything about ranking in search engines, you'll know that it's impossible to rank in a search engine with a website filled with duplicate content.

The algorithms will easily detect it straight away and therefore penalise you for it.


You can forget about ads too.

Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you want to post ads, they have to go through a screening process first and get approved.

I can guarantee that none of the ads will get approved because they don't like affiliate marketers trying to promote bad quality content.

What You're Left With

The only thing you're left with, and what 30 Day Success Club provides very basic training on is basically spamming your links.

Inside 30 Day Success Club is a guide which has training on this:

  • Forum posting
  • Guest blog posting
  • Social media
  • Leaving comments
  • YouTube videos

However, the training is incredibly basic and won't give you any more information than you can find for yourself online for free.

Reason 2:

You're Basically Forced To Purchase Up-Sells

In order for the system to work fully, you basically have to purchase all of their up-sells.

30 Day Success Club block your ability to do anything that you need to do.

They don't let you use an auto-responder, unless you purchase theirs.

They don't even let you create multiple websites. Customers are forced to pay extra for that too.

These Are The Up-Sells You'll Need:

Email Compatibility – This Will Cost An Additional $37

This up-sell will allow you to integrate an auto-responder like GetResponse so you can capture leads and use follow up emails to promote your products. You NEED an auto-responder. So you can't not purchase this.

3x More Sites – This Will Cost An Additional $47

This allows you to build 3 more websites so you can try to get more clicks.

Heatmaps – This Will Cost An Additional $47

This allows you to get detailed analytics for your website. You can see exactly where people are clicking on your website and which pages they are visiting.

The Verdict – Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam?

Again, I can't say that this is 100% a scam, because you do actually get some software that will automatically create websites for you.

However, for the 2 reasons alone that I mentioned, I most definitely do not recommend 30 Day Success Club.

It will be impossible to get any traffic, which means you won't get any sales, which means you'll have wasted the $37 you paid for the system + all of the up-sells you were forced to purchase.


If you want to earn a full time income online..

You need to invest in some solid training that will actually help you in creating your very own successful online business.

Don't rely on some push button software, because it's ultimately only going to scam you out of your money and get you nowhere closer to earning money online.

If you're looking for a legitimate way to make an income online then click the button below to see my number 1 recommendation.

It's helped me make over $500,000 in the last 12 months from home, and it will help you get started.

30 day success club review

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