Bonus Bitcoin Review – FREE Bitcoin? Legit or Scam?

Welcome To My Bonus Bitcoin Review

Have you recently heard about Bonus Bitcoin and their claims of being able to receive FREE Bitcoin every 15 minutes? If you're reading this review, then I'm guessing you have and you probably have some question. Is it a scam? Or is it legit and they really do give you this free Bitcoin? I will be revealing the truth in this review!

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Bonus Bitcoin Review – What Is It?

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So, the hype around Bitcoin has pretty much died since the beginning of 2018. We've seen a drastic decrease in the volume and price of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies in general. However, with hopes that it may one day go to the moon again, there are still a lot of people who are interested in getting their hands on some.

Bonus Bitcoin offers a way to do just that. Get extra Bitcoin completely for free. All you need to do on their website is check a “captcha” box and click a button. You'll then be funded with a small (and I mean VERY, VERY small) amount of Bitcoin. It is as easy as that. Basically 2 mouse clicks and you'll receive some Bitcoin. I'll get into how much you get very soon.

How Much Free Bitcoin Can You Get?

If you check their website, they say that you can claim up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes.

bonus bitcoin review 5000 satoshi

If you're wondering how much is 5,000 satoshi.. At today's current market price of Bitcoin:

5000 satoshi in usd

Yup.. 5,000 satoshi is around $0.18 cents. So, that's the very MAX that you can claim every 15 minutes. That equates to around $0.72 per hour. Less than $1 per hour.

So, at the VERY MOST, you can earn $0.72 per hour. However, I'm going to show you some proof that you won't be earning anywhere near even that small amount of money.

How Much Bitcoin Do You REALLY Get?

I've done a few tests and claimed by satoshi every 15 minutes for 1 hour. And I can safely say that the 5,000 satoshi they say you could get is FAR from the norm. Here are my results from my first few claims.

First Claim:

bonus bitcoin review 5 satoshi

I forgot to screenshot the actual screen that shows when you claim your satoshi. However, you can see my “CoinPot” balance here right after I claimed it.

I got 5 satoshi!

Quite far from the 5,000 isn't it?

How much is 5 satoshi in USD?

5 satoshi in usd

It's $0.00018

That's how much I earned from my claim. Basically, that's absolutely nothing.

Second Claim:

My second claim was even worse.

bonus bitcoin review 4 satoshi

This time, I remembered to take a screenshot of what shows when you actually make a claim. As you can see, this time I got only 4 satoshi. Even LESS that my first claim!

Then My Third Claim:

My third claim was EVEN LESS than my second one!

2 satoshi! That's all I received.

My Fourth and Final Claim:

bonus bitcoin review

Again, I forgot to screenshot the claim. However, if you do the maths, you can see that I got 4 satoshi again.

So after 1 hour, I earned a whopping 15 satoshi!

bonus bitcoin review

That worked out to around $0.00056 per hour. Does that sound worth your time? If it does, then by all means, you can sign up to their website and start earning. However, I do not recommend it at all. In my opinion, it is most definitely NOT worth the time. Yes, it's easy. You just need to perform 2 mouse clicks and the satoshi is yours. But even for just 8 mouse clicks over 1 hour, it didn't even add up to 1 cent.

I certainly won't be using this website!

How Can They Give You FREE Bitcoin?

You may be wondering to yourself, well how can they afford to just give away Bitcoin for free?

If you've already been on their website, you've probably noticed something..

bonus bitcoin review ads

Look at the sheer amount of ads that they have on their website. It's an unbelievable amount.

That is how they can afford to give us that tiny amount of Bitcoin. Just from us being on their website they are profiting. With that many ads, with each visitor, they're definitely making more than the $0.0005 that they're giving away every hour.

The Verdict – Do I Recommend Bonus Bitcoin?

I think I've made it quite clear by now that I absolutely do not recommend Bonus Bitcoin.

They say that you can earn up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes (which is still low) but we don't even get anywhere near that amount.

I won't be using Bonus Bitcoin, and I suggest you don't waste your time with it, either.

Unless Bitcoin suddenly went to like $100,000.. Which is very unlikely. These satoshi will be worth absolutely nothing for a very long time.

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