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Welcome To My CB Passive Income 5.0 Review

Patric Chan has recently released the latest version of his top selling product on ClickBank, CB Passive Income version 5.0. If you're reading this, then I'm guessing you probably have a some questions about it, right? Like, is it a scam? Or can you really make money online with this? In this CB Passive Income 5.0 Review, I'm going to be revealing the truth by taking a look inside the members area.

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CB Passive Income 5.0 Review – What Is It?

cb passive income 5.0 review

Before I get into showing you the inside of the members area, let's talk a little bit about what CB Passive Income 5.0 is.

CB (ClickBank) Passive Income 5.0 is an affiliate marketing system created by Patric Chan. Patric's program is designed to help beginners start making money online as an affiliate marketer. This is the latest and greatest, upgraded version of the previous version, CB Passive Income 4.0.

It's been updated will all new information to ensure we have the right tools and knowledge to be a successful internet marketer and make money online. Internet marketing is an industry that's constantly evolving. Things are changing all the time, so it's great that Patric is keeping his system fresh, so it's members are not lagging behind.

Who Is Patric Chan?

patric chan

Patric Chan is a world-class internet marketer and ClickBank super affiliate. His story of how he went from rags to riches has inspired many entrepreneurs to join in on this internet marketing opportunity.
He's been featured in numerous newspaper articles and business magazines. Spoke at huge conferences in 12 different countries about internet marketing before he even turned 30 years old.
He has also spoken in business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc.
And he's also a best-selling author, including the book, Clicking Cash which is co-authored with New York Times best-selling author, Robert Allen.
To date, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and international bestselling authors, millionaires… including a billionaire.
So that's enough about Patric Chan. His reputation speaks for itself. So, let's take a look inside the training.

Inside CB Passive Income 5.0 Members Area

cb passive income 5 welcome

So, let's finally take a look inside the training. Now, obviously, I can't show you too much. Because I don't want to get in trouble with Patric. However, I will show you as much as I possibly can.

The image above is the little welcome message that you get when you first enter the training platform. He also tells you about the checklist that we have to go through.

The Checklist:

cb passive income 5.0 checklist

This is where you'll begin. With this simple checklist.

Part 1 will teach you a little bit about ClickBank and how to get your affiliate links. These are VERY important, as this is how you will earn your commissions. As you can see, Patric has this checklist and all of the other parts of the training in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. This is great for beginners. It's very easy to follow and understand what the task is.

Part 2 will teach you the very basics of internet marketing and how it actually works. If you're a beginner, this part will help you out a lot. It's not detailed. However, it's just enough information to get you understanding what it is and how to do it.

Finally, part 3 will tell you how you can use CB Passive Income as a shortcut. As I previously mentioned. This system is built for beginners because everything is pre-made for you. All of the funnels and everything are done for you. Your only job is to drive traffic to those funnels.

Traffic Promotion Training

The whole idea of this system, CB Passive Income 5.0, is to make it easy for you. Like I said in the last part. EVERYTHING is done for you. All you have to do is drive the traffic. So, this training primarily focuses on teaching you HOW to drive the traffic to the pre-made funnels.

Patric trains you on numerous different methods that you can utilise to drive traffic. So, let's go through those methods.

cb passive income 5.0 training step 1

Step 1 is simply how to set up your “secret webpage” or your funnels. So that's going to be how to add in your affiliate links and all that jazz. Once your webpage is ready, you'll then move on to the next steps to learn about driving traffic.

cb passive income 5 training step 2

Here is where the real training comes into play. This is the important stuff. After all, driving traffic is your only job with this system. So, knowing how to promote your webpage is key!

He goes through numerous different methods you can use to promote your webpage. Some of the methods being free traffic, and some being paid traffic. Patric recommends you use ALL of the methods (and so do I). Don't be afraid to pay for ads. It's worth it.

Let me show you the methods he teaches you to promote.

How To Promote Your Webpage

cb passive income 5 training solo ads

Solo Ads

The first method he teaches you about is using Solo Advertising (solo ads).

The fastest and most effective way to get started would probably be with solo ads. It is very effective in the internet marketing niche because there are a lot of internet marketers out there who will allow you to promote to their mailing lists!

Although solo advertising is a little bit advance (requires some internet marketing experience), it can be extremely profitable.

The good news is, with CB Passive Income 5.0, you're given the guide to do this correctly and it becomes “easy” when you're using the CB Passive Income System.

cb passive income 5.0 training bing ads

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is the next method Patric teaches you about.

This training will guide you how you can use Microsoft's advertising platform to start generating leads and put them into the CB Passive Income's funnel to be monetized on auto-pilot.

The reason why they chooe Bing Ads is because they allow promotions related to “home business” and “making money online” type of offers. Which google are very particular about.

Now's the best time to start using Bing because not many marketers have started exploring this traffic source yet.

cb passive income 5.0 review youtube training


This is the only free method of driving traffic that Patric teaches you about.

The easiest way of doing video to get traffic is to rank for other internet marketing product's name or brand. With this method, you will ALWAYS be getting targeted free traffic to your CB Passive Income Unique Links (your Offers).

Basically, you create a video to “review” other products.

Then you rank for the product's name or keywords.

When someone searches for the product's keyword in YouTube, they will see your video. In your video description, you will promote your CB Passive Income Unique Links and build your list for passive income.

FREE 3 Month Traffic Masterclass

cb passive income 5 training free masterclass

After 30 days of being a member of CB Passive Income 5.0, you will be given access to Patric's 90 day Traffic To Income Masterclass worth $997. The reason you have to be a member for 30 days before you get access, is so that you can't rush through everything and miss important information just to get to this part. It's great that you have to wait. It gives you plenty of time to prepare, set everything up and understand all you need to.

The Traffic to Income Masterclass will teach you how to get targeted website traffic that's “evergreen”. This means that you're not dependable on “seasons” or trends. It includes both PAID and FREE traffic.

It's a 90 days program because Patric will be coaching you through the whole training comprehensively, especially for clients who purchased version 5.0.

The Verdict – Do I Recommend CB Passive Income 5.0?

For beginners, I absolutely recommend CB Passive Income 5.0!

I think this is a great system for a beginner to start their internet marketing journey. You will learn everything that you need to know, all for a very low cost.

Everything is set up for you, and the training will guide you through step-by-step.

And after 30 days, you will get access to the 90 day masterclass, which is a GREAT bonus!

Interested In Joining CB Passive Income 5.0?

If you're interested in starting Patric's training. Click the button below to get started!

cb passive income 5.0 review



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