Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Scam Or Legit? Get The Facts Here

Welcome To My Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Another website claiming they have an automated binary options trading system. Is this a legit way to earn HUGE money online? Or is Dubai Lifestyle App just another scam? Join me in this review to hear my thoughts.

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Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

According to the official website, ( Dubai Lifestyle App is an automated Binary Options trading software. The software can trade various Binary Options assets such as commodities, currency pairs, Gold, etc. We are also told that the software is capable of trading in both the manual and auto-pilot mode and that is is a newly launched trading software looking for only 100 beta testers.

But, that's funny.. because I've found traces of this website going back to 2016. So it's not very new is it?

This sounds a lot like my 1k Daily Profit Review, that I recently exposed as a scam, doesn't it?

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Honestly, their website at first glance is actually pretty nice looking. As far as these websites usually look, this is definitely one of the best. But just because it looks good on the outside, that doesn't mean what's inside is good. So, let's continue digging.

The ‘Founder' Scott Hathaway

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

This is apparently the CEO and Founder of Dubai Lifestyle App, Scott Hathaway.

However, it didn't take me long to find this:

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Just like many of my other reviews, this Dubai Lifestyle App review is no different.

Another fake CEO / Founder using an image that they purchased from Shutterstock.

How can we trust any website that needs to have a fake Founder?

.. We can't!

The Truth Behind Dubai Lifestyle App

It doesn't take a genius to see that Dubai Lifestyle App is just a scam used to get you to sign up with an offshore binary options broker.

I see this time and time again. A website claiming they have software that can automatically trade binary options for you and make you thousands of dollars daily with little to no work needed on your part.

It's a scam every single time.

The simple truth is, all they're trying to do is get you to sign up to an offshore trading broker and deposit your money on there, because, once you've done that, they've earned a nice little commission from it.

The minimum deposit on the broker is usually $250.

So if you were to sign up to Dubai Lifestyle App, that is the minimum you can expect to lose.. $250.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

They try so very, very hard to get us to deposit money our money, that the minute you try to close their website, you get a pop up saying: “Do you really want to miss out on profiting over $7,183.80 per day?”.

That's just another sales scare tactic trying to make you feel like you're going to miss out on making huge money online. Don't fall for that trick!

The Verdict – Is Dubai Lifestyle App a Scam?

Yes. I'm 100% certain Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam.

The sales video is full of hyped up misleading information and I simply don't trust anything they say.

I would not recommend Dubai Lifestyle App to anyone.

I hope all of the information I've given you here is enough to convince you save your money and stay far away from this scam.

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Dubai Lifestyle App Review Video

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