eCom Cash Crusher Review – Scam or Legit??

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If you're reading this eCom Cash Crusher review, then I'm guessing you've recently heard about this (probably via email) and you have some questions about it, right? Is it a scam? Is it legit? Can I really make money online with it? All will be answered in this review!

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eCom Cash Crusher Review – What Is It?

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My hopes were pretty low when I first stumbled upon Ecom Cash Crusher, just because it looked just the usual low quality ClickBank products that we're seeing time and time again. Other eCom Cash Crusher reviews out there are going to tell you how great and wonderful it is, and how much money you can make with it. That's because they have one thing in mind.. Getting those commissions! I'm going to be sharing my honest opinion about eCom Cash Crusher and giving you a real review.

So, if you watch their sales video, you may notice that the “founder” of this system who calls himself David (but never actually reveals himself) says that you can make $2000 per day using this system. “David” says the system will make you an e-commerce/dropshipping online store and that's how you'll be making this money.ecom cash crusher review

He claims that it's only going to take around 20 minutes to set up your online store and start making $40,000 a month. He also claims that you won't need any prior experience in this field to get started.

However, this all sounds WAY too good to be true to me. What about you?

Red Flags

So let me show you a few more red flags when it comes to eCom Cash Crusher. The main one which is an instant turn off for me is the fact that the founder doesn't reveal his true identity. That's a huge red flag for me and would make me click away instantly if I was in your shoes.

But there are more..

Paid Actors

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This guy is in the sales video telling us how easy the system is and how much money he's made from it. However, I know for a fact he's lying because he's just an actor that you can hire on Fiverr.

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As you can see here, he's just an actor that they've hired to lie in their video.

He's not the only one either. There are even more paid actors in the sales video, all of them for hire on Fiverr. And all of them are feeding us the same scripted lies that the real founder of eCom Cash Crusher has told them to say.

How Does eCom Cash Crusher REALLY Work?

eCom Cash Crusher only really works for the creators of this ‘system'. It won't work for people like you who are looking to make some money online.

The sales page and video is just full of hype and fake claims from paid actors. The sole purpose of the entire website is to hype you up and make you think you're going to make money online easily.

But the only people who are going to be making money are the creators.

The fact that they claim you can make over $2000 per day using their system, with little to no work required is a major red flag. Because I know for a fact that's not how having an online business or making money online works.

No matter what business model you use, all businesses are going to take you a lot of time and effort to build. Anyone who says otherwise is just lying.

They provide you with some incredibly basic training on eCommerce in PDF format, but that's it. It's no more than you could find for free on the internet with a bit of research.

Don't Get Me Wrong..

eCommerce is a 100% legit business model that you can use to make A LOT of money with. There are people making millions per year doing it. However, it is probably one of the hardest businesses to get up and running. It is very difficult and requires some good, solid training and guidance.

If you're interested in starting your own e-commerce store then I recommend starting with Salehoo. You can click here to join that. It's a very beginner friendly platform for starting your first e-commerce store.

Is eCom Cash Crusher a Scam?

This depends on what you consider a scam. I consider it to be somewhat of a scam, just because of how dishonest and misleading they're being.

They make it sound super easy to start making money using their system. Even going as far to say you can start it in 20 minutes and be earning $2000 per day. This is just complete lies and it's simply not possible.

However, as I mentioned, they do actually provide you with some training on eCommerce. All be it very basic training, but they do still provide you with something. So in my opinion it's not a complete scam. If you gave them your money and you received absolutely nothing in return, then I would say yes, it is 100% a scam.

Do I Recommend eCom Cash Crusher?

I think it's quite clear by now that I absolutely do not recommend eCom Cash Crusher. If it's eCommerce that you're interested in then there a lot of far better training platforms out there. Don't waste your time and money on this one.

Otherwise, I would highly suggest checking out my #1 recommendation and learning about affiliate marketing.

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