Explode My Payday Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Revealed!

Welcome To My Explode My Payday Review

If you're reading this Explode My Payday Reviewthen I'm guessing just like me, somebody has emailed you this new system saying that you can earn massive amounts of money online using it. Is that the truth? Is it a legit online money making opportunity? Or is Explode My Payday just a big scam? Keep reading to see what I've uncovered!

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Explode My Payday Review

Explode My Payday Review – What Is It?

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As I mentioned already, somebody recently sent me this system “Explode My Payday” via email. So, my first thought was to check it out so I can see if we have a new online money making system or just another scam to warn you guys about. And I'm afraid.. It's the latter. Explode My Payday is nothing but a scam, and I'll be showing you the proof in this review.

Explode My Payday's Website

Let's take a look at their website and see the red flags that are instantly visible. I noticed all of these straight away, at first glance of their website. I've been doing this long enough now and revealed so many scams that they're obvious to me now.

explode my payday review main

This is the website you've probably landed on.

Straight away the first thing we see in big writing is “simple loophole”. In my experience, any website that uses a term like that is just lying through their teeth and trying to mislead you into thinking this is some secret way to make money online that nobody knows about.

However, it's never true. There are no loopholes to making money online. Trust me, they're just trying to mislead naive newbies who are unfamiliar with making money online.

“We Are Closing..”

explode my payday review closing

This is also a lie. I first went onto this website a few days ago on 30th of November. And on that day, guess what is said?

We are closing today's registration: Friday, November 30, 2018 act now!”

Whatever day you land on, it's going to say the exact same thing. That's because they're not closing down anything. They're just trying to portray scarcity. But this is 100% false scarcity. They will let as many people as possible pay for their system because all they want is your money.

More Red Flags

Their sales video is an absolute joke filled with even more lies and misleading information. The biggest part and major red flag are the fake founder and fake testimonials inside of it.

Fake Founder

A few minutes into the video, you will see the the “founder” reveals herself as Meaghan Harper.

explode my payday review meaghan harper

However, I can guarantee that this is just a completely made up person.

How do I know? Well because the image they used for her is just a stock image.

explode my payday review meaghan harper shutterstock

If Meaghan Harper was a real person and the real founder, why would they need to use a fake picture?

This is a HUGE red flag and would honestly make me click off of the website instantly.

Fake Testimonials

Let me show you some more proof of their lies and deception and how I know for a fact that every testimonial in Explode My Payday's sales video is fake.

Explode My Payday Review

Here's a screenshot of a woman saying “shes very nervous” because this is her “first time recording herself”. But isn't that funny because..Explode My Payday Review

Look here, she's a actor that you can hire on Fiverr.

I recognised her straight away. She's been in SO many of these scammy sales videos. I've lost count of many times I've seen her.

And she's not the only one. There's more..

Explode My Payday Review Explode My Payday Review

There's even more, too. But I'm not going to bother showing you them all. You can clearly see that this website and sales video is just filled with lies.

How/why should we trust any of their claims of being able to make money online? We shouldn't!

The Verdict – Do I Recommend Explode My Payday?

I think it's quite clear that I DO NOT recommend Explode My Payday.

They have one goal only, and that's to fill their own pockets. They have no interest what-so-ever of helping you make an online income.

The website is full of lies, mislead information and deception. Therefore, they are not to be trusted and you should stay away at all costs.

Do You Want To REALLY Make Money Online?

Thanks for reading my Explode My Payday review.

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Explode My Payday review


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