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Welcome To My Finish Line Network Review

There's a new network being hyped up a lot lately called Finish Line Network. It's just recently opened in the last few days in its pre-launch phase and it's getting huge amounts of attention everywhere. It's being spammed around in emails, and it's all over social media. With all of this hype, it must be good, right? Find out the honest truth in my Finish Line Network Review.

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finish line network review

Finish Line Network Review

If you do a quick search on google or YouTube for “Finish Line Network Review”, all you're going to see is a load of affiliates promoting it. There's no honest reviews telling you the honest truth about it. It's been a while since I've seen anything get so much attention and hype.

This only tells me one thing though, that they probably have a pretty good system for affiliates to earn a quick buck from.

The amount of hype it's getting made me want to really dig in deeper and find out as much as I could about Finish Line Network. Because I personally wanted to know what it was about and I also wanted to let you guys know the truth about it.

What Is Finish Line Network?

finish line network review logo

The very first thing I noticed when I tried to join was that you can only join with someone's referral. I tried accessing the website by just typing in their URL and signing up that way. However, it didn't work, because they say you're only able to join if you were invited by a member.

finish line network review referral only

This was honestly a big red flag for me, straight away.

It reminded me a lot of a Ponzi / Pyramid Scheme where you have to join someones team.

So I went to YouTube and searched for “Finish Line Network Review” to try to find an affiliate link.

This was not difficult at all. In just a few days since the pre-launch, there are already hundreds of videos promoting it with their affiliate links.

So I clicked a few videos and chose one at random to join under.

The Sign Up Page.. Another Red Flag

finish line network review domain

If you click on an affiliate link, you are redirected to this domain “”

What's fishy about this to me, is that it's a private domain. It was registered back in May 2018, but done completely privately. So there's no way to know where the registration took place, or who registered it.

Again.. this is what Ponzi Schemes usually do.

So far, it's not looking good for Finish Line Network.

What Is The Actual Product?

Even after going all through the Finish Line Network Website, reading a load of reviews and watching a lot of YouTube videos, I still have no idea what the product their selling actually is.

I believe there is nothing. It's not talked about anywhere. Not even in their sales videos.

The only thing they're offering and their affiliates are offering is the affiliate membership itself.

So, what this basically means is:

An affiliate refers you, you sign up, you refer someone else, they sign up and so on..

Once again… just like a Pyramid Scheme.

Compensation Plan

If you become a member and an affiliate for Finish Line Network, the only thing you'll be doing is trying to get other people to join under you.

That's the only incentive I see in this whole thing.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are numerous different packages available. The initial package only costs $20 per month.

However, they then go up in price massively all the way up to $2997.

What's The Catch?

It's another pay to play system that they have.

The only way you're able to promote these packages are if you buy them yourself.

For example:

If you only purchase the $20 package, you're only going to be able to earn commissions from people who purchase that same package.

If you refer someone and they purchase the $2997 package, you're only going to earn a commission from the $20.

The only way to earn the full commission is if you've purchased the $2997 package yourself.

This is where they get you for your money. Because obviously, you're going to want to earn the bigger commissions. Therefore, they make you purchase it yourself.

They Helped Empower Network?

finish line network review empower

If you watch their sales video, they actually mention that they helped Empower Network and Lightyear Wireless become successful.

However, what they failed to mention in the video is that these companies have both been shut down. So, obviously they couldn't have helped them have much success.

Who Are The Founders?

One good thing that Finish Line Network has going for it, is that the founders aren't hiding themselves.

finish line network review founders

These are the guys behind the network, Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey.

These names might sound familiar to you because they're actually the same three guys that founded Traffic Authority.

Now, I couldn't find anything good about Traffic Authority. Most of the reviews I read for this were very, very bad.

So that's not so good.

Will this system be another failure just like that one?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The Verdict – Is Finish Line Network a Scam?

It's very hard for me to give a verdict on this, because it's still in its pre-launch phase.

However, I feel like the bad things I could find about it, far outweigh the number of good points I could find about it.

It sounds and looks a lot like a ponzi scheme to me.

For this reason I do not recommend Finish Line Network.

There are plenty of other ways that you can make money online.

Personally, I will be staying far away from this.

However, I will be keeping a close eye on it as I am intrigued.

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