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Kdl Sniper or Kindle Sniper Is A New Website That's Just Popped Up With Promises Of Being Able To Make And Sell eBooks With No Work And Earn $1000+ Per Day Online. I'm Going To Take A look And Do Some Digging To Find Out If This Is A Legit Online Money Making Method, Or Just Another Scam. Ready below for my full Kindle Sniper Review.

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Kindle Sniper Review

Kindle Sniper Review

Kindle Sniper Review

Kindle Sniper, also know as Kindle Sniper, claim that they have a system that will assist you in making money online ($1000+ per day) from selling e-books on Amazon Kindle. The owner, or the narrator in the sales video claims that this is a new untapped industry, which is very far from the truth.

People have been selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle for many years already now, sometimes using ghost writers, so this is most certainly not an untapped industry. He makes it sound like because Amazon makes billions of dollars, you will too.

But of course, he's just trying to get you excited and mislead you into buying Kindle Sniper.

Let's Look At KdlSniper.Com

Kindle Sniper review

There are many red flags that you can see straight away on the Kindle Sniper website. We'll get to those soon, but first I want to talk about their sales video.

The sales video starts off congratulating you on receiving a special invitation to a once in a lifetime opportunity that's going to change our lives forever.

He goes on to tell us about his incredible secret system that will show us how to write eBooks without actually writing a word of on your own and thus earn $1000+ per day from it!

However, this is no secret. People have been using ghost writers for years to write books for them and then sell them on Amazon Kindle store, so I'm not sure what their secret really is.

He claims that you will have everything done for you and you’ll be making money in the thousands in no time, with little to no effort.

If you've ready my other reviews, such as my WiFi Millionaire Review, you will know I don't trust anyone who claims you can make money online with no work.

Kindle Sniper have testimonies in their sales video from people (who are no doubt paid actors) telling you they have been using Kindle Sniper for 6 months and made $200,000 with it, but that’s just income hype and fake testimonies.

How Does Kindle Sniper REALLY Work?

From the beginning of the sales video, all the way to the end, they keep saying that you’re going to get a system that will help you make $1,000+ dollars a day with little to no work on your end. Everything is apparently done for you, pretty much on autopilot.

However, after some research, I found that all you get if you purchase Kindle Sniper is a PDF. There is no system. Just a PDF with some very, very basic, outdated training inside.

How is this a system that will earn you $1000+ per day?

In short.. it isn't.

This is a list of the modules in the training PDF:

  • Fiction or Non Fiction
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Niche research and selection
  • Criteria for your first niche
  • Cover Design
  • Your Title
  • Publishing your Kindle at CreateSpace
  • Pricing
  • Getting reviews
  • Amazon Promotions

Fake Testimonies From Paid Actors

The sales video is once again filled with fake testimonies from paid actors, just like other scams such as Seven Figure Profit Code.

I know they're paid actors because I found them very easily, within 2 minutes on Fiverr.

The image below is a woman in their sales video who says she's a single mum with three kids that was once working as a nurse, struggling to get by.

Then all of a sudden, she miraculously came across Kindle Sniper and is now earning $1000+ per day.

Kindle Sniper Review

However, a simple search on Fiverr for “Spokesperson video” will reveal that she is an actor for hire on there. Surprise, surprise.Kindle Sniper Review

How, or why should we trust anyone who needs to hire actors for their sales videos?

We shouldn't!

Who Is The Founder?

In the sales video, the narrator claims that he is the founder, Martin Price, however I am certain that this is once again a fictitious character made up by the real creator of Kdl Sniper.

If you search for his name, you will find nothing. He just doesn't exist.

The real creators obviously do this to hide their real identity. Because they know themselves this is a scam, and so they don't want angry customers knowing who they really are and finding them.

‘Martin' claims to be a high school dropout and became a single father at the age of 22, and after struggling for money for years, he stumbled upon a “secret formula” which led him to this system.

These get rich quick schemes/scams always have these made up back stories.

I don't believe a word of it!

Something Ain't Right Here..

I thought the Kindle Sniper website seemed very familiar, so I went back through my other reviews and I noticed a previous review I had done for The AZ Code.

Take a look at the Kdl Sniper Website:

Kindle Sniper review

And then take a look at The AZ Code website:

Kindle Sniper Review

Don't they look incredibly similar?

They're pretty much identical, just with a slightly different background image and different colours used.

So, I'm 99% sure both of these scams were created by the same person.

Do I Recommend Kindle Sniper??

So, I think we've seen enough information about this website now.

So would I recommend it to anyone?

I think the answer is pretty obvious by now… Absolutely NOT! I would not recommend Kindle Sniper to anyone.

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Kindle Sniper Review

Kindle Sniper Review Video

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