Smart Money Methods Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome To My Smart Money Methods Review

In this Smart Money Methods Review, I'm going to be taking a deeper look inside to find out if their claims are true. They claim that you can earn over $7000 per week starting straight away. This sounds a little too good to be true to me. Read on to find out my full thoughts.

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Smart Money Methods Review

What Is Smart Money Methods?

smart money methods review

If you watch their sales video, you will see that they quickly start off by saying you can earn over $7000 per week using their done for you system. However, they never actually tell you what their system actually is.

If you've read any of my other reviews, such as my Tube Crusher review, you'll know I don't trust anything that doesn't tell you what their system even is. If a system could really make you $1000+ per day, I think they would be proud of that and would want to show it off. Not hide it away.

But, they never do tell you. They just expect you to blindly throw your money at them.

This is why I'm glad you're reading this review first. Smart move!

The Truth

I've been doing this for a while now, and I've learnt the hard way that these ‘done for you systems' never work.

If something promises you that you're going to make huge money, straight away, with no prior experience; they're 100% lying to you.

We all wish there was some magic button we could push and be instantly rich.

But unfortunately, no such thing exists.

If you want to make money online, you're going to have to put in the work.

What You REALLY Get With Smart Money Methods

I've done some digging and I found out what you actually get when you purchase Smart Money Methods.

Here it is:

smart money methods review

These are 3 training modules that you are given when you buy into the ‘done for you system'.

That's all it is.. Training. It's not any sort of system, and no work has actually been done for you.

Is The Training Good?

Absolutely not!

The training is the same basic stuff that's just rehashed slightly with every new scam that comes out.

It was probably ghost written by some guy on Fiverr for a few bucks.

The training WILL NOT help you start an online business and WILL NOT help you make money online.

Certainly not the $1000+ per day that they claim anyway.

The only thing you really learn with this training is that you need to make a website and content.

I basically just summarised their whole training in 5 words. It's that basic.

The Verdict – Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

For this, I would say that yes, Smart Money Methods is a scam.

Simply because of the fact that they mislead you into thinking they have a ‘system' that's done for you. They say you only need to do small amounts of work for 30 minutes a day to earn $7000+ per week.

However, none of this is true at all.

AVOID Smart Money Methods At All Costs!

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smart money methods review

Smart Money Methods Review Video

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