Tiny Website System Review – Scam or Legit??

Welcome To My Tiny Website System Review

If you're reading this Tiny Website System Review, then I'm guessing you've probably stumbled across this website, and you're now wondering, is it a scam? Or is this a legit online money making method? I've done some digging and in this review I'm going to reveal the truth!

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What Is Tiny Website System?Tiny Website System Review Main

If you've already been to the Tiny Website System's actual website, you might have seen this already. They claim that they're going to show you exactly how they make between $160 – 440 per day just by giving stuff away for free, and then let you duplicate the method.

Now, these for once aren't ridiculous claims. Most of the scam websites I see have huge claims like “earn $1000+ per day”. So, $160-440 is quite a believable number for a change. However, that's just a number, they can stick anything they want there to entice you into joining.

Their sales video starts off with numerous TV news reports, and they even have this on their website:

Tiny Website System Review News

All they're trying to do is mislead you into thinking those news reports in the video are about this system. But, they're not! Don't fall for that trick. Those news reports are just generic reports about people making money from home. Never has Tiny Website System been on any of these TV stations.

The fact that they're trying to make you think they have been is a major red flag.

And there are a lot more too. Let's talk about those.

The Red Flags

The fact they're lying to us claiming that their system has been on CNBC, CNN, etc. is a major red flag and reason enough to just close down your browser window. However, maybe it's not enough of a reason for you yet, so I'll show you some more warning signs that I found while investigating this system.

Rehashed System

All this is, is a rehashed system. Scam websites usually do this when their previous version receives too many negative reviews. If you click on their sales video, it will redirect you to where it was uploaded. It was uploaded on YouTube, and check this out:

Tiny Website System Review Profit With Jack

Notice the name of the sales video, “Profit With Jack”. This is an old system that received a lot of hate and many people revealed as a scam. If you go to profitwithjack.com, the website is actually still running. And you'll notice that it is exactly the same as Tiny Website System.

They're keeping it up in hopes that some people won't have seen negative reviews yet and will just impulsively buy into it.

Who's The Founder?

tiny website system review jack ryder

If you've read any of my other reviews, such as my Amazon Secrets review, you'll know that usually, the first thing I look for when investigating a website is, who is the founder?

In the sales video, the narrator talking says he's the founder of this system and that his name is Jack Ryder.

However, he never actually reveals himself. He doesn't even show us a picture, let alone show himself in the video.

So who is he?

Well, upon doing some research, I found… absolutely nothing!

This is actually a major red flag for me, when it comes to buying into some online money making system. It's always good to know who the founder is, so you can see what success they've had in the industry.

But, Jack Ryder is 100% a made up character that the real founder has created.

There's no way he's a real guy.

That's TWICE they've lied to us now.

So how can we trust this website?

So, What Really Is Tiny Website System?

What I found out about Tiny Website System is that they provide you with some very basic training on how to set up a sales funnel and promote different products from ClickBank.

Now, this is a legitimate method of making money online. It's a fundamental part of affiliate marketing.

However, the information they provide you with is incredibly basic and stuff that you can find for free online.

In fact, I actually have a free training video on my YouTube channel that you can watch to learn about this.

It will be a lot more beneficial than paying money and buying into Tiny Website System, that's for sure.

You can watch that video here:

The Verdict – Is Tiny Website System a Scam?

I'm not going to say that this is 100% a scam, because they do actually provide you with some training.

However, I DO NOT recommend purchasing this training.

I don't like the fact that the website is filled with lies. That's a huge turn off.

And the training they will provide you is what I teach you completely for free in the video above.

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Thanks for reading my Tiny Website System review.

If you're looking for a legitimate way to make an income online then click the button below to see my number 1 recommendation that's helped me make over $500,000 in the last 12 months from home.Tiny Website System review

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