Trident Crypto Fund Review – Trident Coin Is a Scam?

Welcome To My Trident Crypto Fund Review

Trident Crypto Fund, Also Known as Trident Coin Is a New Crypto Opportunity To Invest In That's Currently In It's Pre Launch Phase. But, Is It A Legit Opportunity To Make Money Online, Or Is It Another Scam Just Like Bitconnect?

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Trident Crypto Fund Review

Trident Crypto Fund Review

trident crypto fund review

Trident Crypto Fund is a fairly new website that has recently launched during the cryptocurrency hype.

Along with the website, they are also launching a coin that they are calling “Trident Coin”.

They claim that their one coin will be able to invest and trade your money automatically across the top 10 crypto currencies.

I wanted to do a review on this because I saw a lot of people recommending the pre-launch and pushing people to join. This made me instantly think of an MLM company.

We've seen far too many of these MLM companies lately because of the massive hype behind crypto, so I wanted to see if this was another one.

There have been quite a few MLM companies that have scammed people out of A LOT of money in recent times. Gladiacoin, USI Tech and Bitconnect, just to name a few.

So is Trident Crypto Fund a legit ICO or is it going to be another ponzi scheme just like Bitconnect, USI Tech and Gladiacoin?.

Let's dig a little deeper..

More About Trident Crypto Fund

They say that their investment process happens in three steps; project evaluation, team evaluation and monitoring.

However, nowhere on their website do they explain any more than that. That's basically the only information they give us about their steps.

Their website also has a section about their Trident Crypto Fund referral program, but once again, they give us little to no information about that.

They also say that there are 150 reasons to invest with them, however, they don't even give us one.

Trident Crypto Fund Review

Why say there are 150 reason, and not even give one?!

They also say that they are a ‘new era of investment' in the crypto index fund and investors will get daily profits. However, once again, they don't mention anything about how the fund works or how these daily profits will be generated.


All of these points are very suspicious to me.

They have many, many claims, but can't seem to back them up with any proof or even any information.

And.. “Daily Profits“. That's a major red flag for me.

All of the ponzi schemes talk about guaranteed daily profits.

More Suspicious Activity..

When you come across any new ‘online money making method', it's always important to find out this information first:

Who Is The Owner / Founder?

It's always good to know who the founder of the opportunity is. But, in this case with Trident Crypto Fund, they don't give us any information about the owner or the team behind it.

Why are they hiding their identities?

Check The Domain Registration

Checking who registered the domain is always a good way to try to find out who's behind it.

However, Trident Crypto Fund has once again masked the name of the owner. Hiding again? Just like the true owner of other scams such as Kdl Sniper.

I could see though, that their domain is registered in Panama.

This is awfully suspicious as Panama is a well known safe haven for illegitimate companies.

What Is Their Business Model?

Any legitimate company will have a clear business model.

If you can't find a clear business model or any information about them, then chances are that you're looking at a scam.

All I could find on their website was random information talking about the stock exchange (nothing to do with crypto currencies.) It seems like they just wrote a lot of words to try to confuse people and sound smart, so they wouldn't understand.

What Does The Website Actually Look Like?

Legitimate companies will have solid websites. They'll look good, and there probably won't be any mistakes (or have very little).

However, if you look at, you will see many spelling mistakes, bad designs and some of the webpages aren't even ready yet.

Look at their support page…

Trident Crypto Fund Review

I Don't Trust Them

Taking in all of this information about Trident Crypto Fund, do you trust them?

I certainly don't.

That's why I will say that I do not recommend you invest your money into the opportunity.

Everything about it screams SCAM to me.

Save your time, energy and money for a legit opportunity like the one I've recommended at the top and bottom of this post.

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Trident Crypto Fund Review

Trident Crypto Fund Review Video

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