Tube Crusher Review – Make Real Money With YouTube or a Scam?

Welcome To My Tube Crusher Review

I'm guessing you've recently received an email about Tube Crusher and looking for a review. Well you're in the right place! In This Tube Crusher Review, I'm taking a deep look inside and letting you know what I think about it. Is it a legit way to make money online? Or is it just another ClickBank scam? Read on to find out!

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tube crusher review

Tube Crusher Review

Tube Crusher claims that you can earn $3000+ per day, starting straight away, today! No internet marketing experience is required to get started earning this money online. That's what they claim anyway.

tube crusher review

If you've read any of my other reviews, such as my CB Passive Income Review, then you'll know how I feel about any website with claims like this.

I know for a fact that you can't earn that type of money (or anywhere near that amount) straight away. Especially with no experience in affiliate marketing. I wish it was possible. But unfortunately, it's not.

What Is Tube Crusher?

If you watch their sales video, you will learn that Tuber Crusher (the hint is in the name) is designed to get you rich from YouTube. The guy in the video (who's probably a paid voice actor by the way) says that he's a YouTube superstar. However, he never reveals his identity. So it's hard to believe that.

The method he says you'll be using to make this money is through being an Amazon Affiliate and earning commissions through that.

But trust me, you won't be earning anywhere near what he claims ($3000+ per day).

The Truth About Earning Money on YouTube

The reality is, it's really quite difficult to earn money on YouTube. To begin with, anyway.

Once you've got a good size audience and some loyal fans, then it gets easier.

But getting the audience and getting those loyal fans is very difficult and will take you a long time.

How Can You Make Money On YouTube?

Their method is actually a legit way to make money.

Promoting products in your videos and posting affiliate links to those products to earn commissions. This is a legit money making method that a lot of people do.

However, the only people who actually make money from this, are people who get a ton of views and have a lot of loyal fans who trust their judgement.

For Example..

Say you have a massive Fitness page and get hundreds of thousands of views every video.

In your videos you could talk about some protein powder or something fitness related, put an affiliate link in your description and chances are that someone will trust your opinion that it's good stuff and then purchase it.

Then you will earn a commission for every person that purchases it.

Most of the big YouTuber's do this.

It Will Only Work If You Have a HUGE Audience

And that's simply the truth.

Unless you already have a big audience on YouTube, then I can't see how you're going to earn any money from this.

Tube Crusher is just lying to you and deceiving you by claiming that you're going to earn $3000 per day, straight away.

If you have 1,000,000+ YouTube subscribers already, then sure. It's possible.

But I'm thinking you probably haven't got quite that many.

If you do have that many, then by all means. Post some affiliate links in your descriptions!

But you don't need to purchase Tube Crusher for that.

What's the point?

It's not going to help anyone.

Tube Crusher Are Just Misleading You!

There's more proof that they're misleading you.

The sales video itself is filled with paid actors.

Look at this:

tube crusher review

This is a clip from their sales video. She claims that within 15 minutes of setting up the “system” she was profiting already.

I have a couple of gripes with this:

  1. HOW?! There is no system. The system is just placing affiliate links in your descriptions and earning commissions. So unless she signed up to become an Amazon Affiliate, and made a video and posted it on YouTube and got a sale, all within 15 minutes, how is that possible? It's not!
  2. She's just a paid actor that you can easily find on Fiverr:tube crusher review

The Verdict – Is Tube Crusher a Scam?

I'm going to say YES, Tube Crusher is 100% a SCAM!

They mislead you into thinking you're going to be able to earn $3000 per day, starting straight away. All by purchasing their $37 system.

But the reality is, it's not possible.

They are just trying to scam you out of your hard earned money.

Unless you have a huge YouTube audience already, then you're not going to make money this way.

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tube crusher Review

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