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Your Freedom Mentor Is A New Website Floating Around With Claims Of Making Huge Money Online. I've Had A Few Emails Recently Asking Me About It. Join Me In This Review To Find Out What I think Of It. Is This A Legit Online Money Making Method, Or Just Another Get Rich Quick Scam?

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Your Freedom Mentor Review

Your Freedom Mentor Review

Your Freedom Mentor is the new kid on the block in the affiliate marketing world. This website has just popped up out of nowhere and is spreading around like wildfire. I've had a few emails about it recently, asking me is this a legit money making method or is it another scam?

I took a closer look at it and did some digging to see what I could find out.

First Thoughts

Your Freedom Mentor Review

This is what their landing page looks like. To be honest, my first thought was.. yup.. another scam.

I've been doing this for so long now I can just spot them at first glance.

Even before playing the video you can see a lot of red flags.

Playing the video reveals even more!

The Red Flags

  1. “Closing: Monday, June 11, 2018” – This is completely untrue. They're trying to make people think that the day they happened to land on the website is the day it's closing. They're hoping that will make people have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This is just a scarcity tactic that these scam websites often like to use. The website will be open for many months, even possibly many years.


2. “Open to the next 7 people: A $1076.74/Day Position!” – Again, another scarcity tactic. Trying to make it look like there's not many positions left, so you have to buy now! This is untrue again. They will accept as many people as they want or can until the website shuts down one day.


3. “User Testimonials Are Not Representative Of Average Earnings” –  This is in the thumbnail of the video. This is just them trying to cover themselves, because they've used paid actors and fake testimonials. This is their way of covering themselves when people buy into it and don't earn anywhere near what they claim in the video.

Let's Take A Look At The Sales Video

So the sales video looks very, very familiar to me. That's because it's the same video and fake testimonials that other scam websites have used.

Look at Your Freedom Mentor's Video:

Your Freedom Mentor Review

And look at Millionaire Bizpro's video:

Your Freedom Mentor Review

It's literally the same video.

There are more paid actors in each video. All the same.

Your Freedom Mentor Review

I busted Millionaire Bizpro as a scam and not a legitimate way to make money online. So, it's not looking very promising for Your Freedom Mentor.

So, What Exactly Is Your Freedom Mentor?

After watching the whole video, I still don't really know.

They don't give you any information at all about how you're going to be making money online, they don't tell you anything about their system at all.

The only thing they tell you is that a noobie with no prior affiliate marketing experience will be able to use it and start earning $1000+ per day straight away.

Which is just an outrageous claim.

Even for an experienced affiliate marketer, $1000 a day is very impressive.


If we look at Millionaire Bizpro, because they use the same video, I'm assuming the the both websites were created by the same person, and have the same product behind them.

Your Freedom Mentor Review

“The Millionaire Bizpro is a service that when purchased you are set up with up to 15 webpages. These are pre-designed and you will be able to use them to capture emails of people interested in earning income online. We will then show you how to monetise this data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you will get commission for. All this is done from any computer you own.”

I'm assuming you get the same garbage with Your Freedom Mentor as you do from Millionair Bizpro. Just 15 pre-made websites that will get you absolutely nothing out of it.

The Verdict – Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam?

I'm going to say, yes. Your Freedom Mentor is basically a scam.

They use the same sales video as other websites.

The website itself is filled with lies and misleading information and I guarantee the product you will get out of it is pure garbage.

I would not recommend Your Freedom Mentor to anyone.

Save your time and your money and invest is a legitimate method to make money online.

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Your Freedom Mentor Review

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Your Freedom Mentor Review Video

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