Your Profit Team Review – Scam or Legit??

Your Profit Team Review – Scam or Legit??

Welcome To Your Profit Team Review

If you're reading this Your Profit Team review, then I'm guessing you've recently stumbled upon this new website. You're probably wondering, is it legit? Can I really make over $7000 per week like they claim? Or is it just one big scam? Keep reading the review to find out.

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What Is Your Profit Team?

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Your Profit Team is a new “online money making website” with incredibly bold claims of being able to earn over $7000 every week. Or just over $1000 every single day.

Now, these numbers are actually possible. I'm not say it's not possible to make over $1000 a day when working online. However, they're making out to sound like even a beginner with no experience can just jump right in and start making that sort of money instantly.

Well I'm afraid I'm going to call that out as a lie.

I've been doing this long enough to know that these sorts of number are not possible to obtain straight away. As a beginner, you should expect to earn maybe a couple hundred bucks per day if you really put in the time and effort. And as time goes on and your business grows, so will the income you earn.

So the fact that they have a claim like that and are trying to mislead you into thinking you can earn $1000+ per day straight away, is a bit of a red flag.

Even More Red Flags

This whole website is fulled with red flags that worry me and make me basically not trust them in general. I've reviewed enough scam websites now that I can quite easily recognise when something isn't quite right. So, let me show you what I found:

Verified Website?

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Underneath their sales video they have these “verified” badges. However, these are not real. Anyone can just get an image of a verified badge and stick it on their website. That isn't any sort of proof. If you actually check out their website, you'll be able to see they actually aren't verified. Check this out:

your profit team review not secure

Your browser will actually confirm that Your Profit Team website is not secure like they claim.

So, this isn't a good start. So far we've uncovered 2 lies. But.. There's more.

The Founder – David Who?

If you watch their sales video, at one point you will hear the narrator claim that his name is David and he's the founder of Your Profit Team. He says for years he was struggling to get by and couldn't make any money online. But then he came across a system that really works.

But, this “David” never actually shows himself in the video and doesn't even tell us his second name.

Now, when it comes to investing into an online money making website, I think one of the most important things to know before handing over your money is who the founder is. We should be able to research into the founder and see what successes they've had in the past.

But we never see who he really is on their website. And like I said, he doesn't even say a second name. For me, this is a MAJOR red flag. It would be enough to make me instantly click off of the website if I was in your shoes looking for a way to make money online. Because I know for a fact that David is just a made up name that the real founder is using to hide behind. Why? Because he doesn't want angry customers that he's mislead into buying his system coming after him.

That's now 3 lies that we've uncovered.

How Does Your Profit Team REALLY Work?

Websites like this have only one goal in mind.

To make the creator money.

Whoever made this website has no intention of helping you make any money at all. He just tells you lie after lie in hopes you'll be convinced into buying into it and then purchasing the hundreds of dollars worth of up-sells that he has inside. Because he only has one thing in mind, and that's filling his pockets.

Trust me, I've seen many websites just like this one. My Home Success Plan, Tiny Website System, they're all the same.

The Verdict – Do I Recommend Your Profit Team?

Absolutely not!

The three lies that I uncovered in this article should be reason enough to avoid this system completely.

There's no way you'll be able to earn anywhere near $7000 per week with it.

They're not verified and the website isn't secure.

The founder isn't real.

We have no reason at all to trust this website. So I recommend staying far away from it.

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Thanks for reading my Your Profit Team review.

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